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Decided to make a video (well, not so much a video. More of a slideshow) to this amazing little duet: Lyrics, downloads and a bunch of other information are found there too.

I first found out about the song when I was browsing Deviantart and stumbled across this touching captured moment:

___________________________________________________ About Screwball's mother: For the sake of SandJosieph's upcoming songs in this series of songs to be, Discord created Screwball with his own chaotic powers, no mare needed.

So about that picture: Discord gave Screwloose to Screwball as a pet during his reign of chaos. Sadly she never got housebroken and Discord realised that they had to get rid of her, much to the distress of lil' Screwball. Chaos is one thing, a filthy stinking mess is another. ___________________________________________________

  1. 5 at Equestrian Rhythm's Top 8 PMV's of March:
  1. 4 at Top Ten Pony Videos for March 2012-Community Voted:

Thanks to everypony that voted on it. It means a lot! __________________________________________________

I used a bunch of vectors for this and should really take the time to credit each and every one of their creators even though it would result in a wall of text. But for now I do it the lazy mans way and say that I didn't make any of the images and that they can all be found following the link below: Except this one:

Notice: Some vectors used is just combined, recolored and whatnot vectors. Screwball for example.

Screwball collages in the links below, includes some unused ones too. If you want any of them in a larger format just ask. Anyway, go wild and use em' for whatever:

Happy Screwball:

Sad Screwball:

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  • Screwball

    Screwball ist ein Erd-Hintergrundpony aus Freundschaft über alles, Teil 2. Ihr Name stammt aus der…


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