Dieser Artikel ist ein bezieht sich auf Inhalte, die von Fans ausgedacht wurde, sogenannte Fan-Fiction. Sein Inhalt ist nicht Teil des offiziellen Universums von My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie.

Ein englisches Fan Lied Vom Youtube Werk Dusk"s Dawn


DUSK: Time to explore all the secrets Today I am a kid no more This destiny calls out to me After those years I'll smile and soar

I'll follow the path and the hoofsteps Left behind by my great-grand-father I'll discover what my grand-father Did to gain such a huge power

Today I'll start my journey Never to stop until I find What has happened to my father Who I am and my peace of mind

(spoken) Illusions ? Dark powers ? What a shame. I expected something.. different. Well, I can work with that.

DARK DUSK: Of course you do, my little one! Don't be afraid, for you are me Pleased to meet you (and this will be so fun) And we are just two friends to be

I am the price for those powers Invincible! That is a fact. I'll borrow that body of yours And don't go think that you can fight back.

"I won't let you, you mean monster!" I doubt that friend, just look at me You're the student and I'm the master So sit down, freeze, and let me be

Who do you think I am, you weakling? You are just a toy in my hoof Of all the magics I am the king And your demise will be the proof.

(laugh) (spoken) I must admit I'm having quite the good time! (laugh)

Today's forecast: black clouds! Witness the return of the curse Celestia's blind and won't notice The threat that will make all things worse


Turn off the lights, run away Hide yourself far, galop and flee I will catch you, you are my prey Powerless to stop what you see

Hear my words and be afraid There will soon be no place to hide From the shadows and the terror They will all fall my darkness on my side My side

I've got all the darkness on my side...


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